Point of view

We form space, but space also forms us. And we form our world, habits, attitudes, mentality in space. I am interested in space as a means to link, guide, stimulate and move people.


My name is Ljubo Georgiev. I was born in 1981 in Sofia (BG), finished school in 2000 in Edinburgh (UK), started university in 2000 in Venice (IT) and finished it in 2007 in Delft (NL). Currently I live in Sofia.

My work experience includes working at Manzelle Studio di Architettura in Venice (intern), LP Consult in Sofia (junior architect), ZUS in Rotterdam (intern), Claus en Kaan in Amsterdam (architect), MVRDV in Rotterdam (architect), Turenscape in Beijing (project manager) and ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK (director). At the moment I am head of Sofproect - Sofia's urban planning institute, as well as team-leader of the Vision Sofia 2050 initiative.

List of lectures and presentations
Lecture at the Timisoara Architecture Biennial, Timisoara, Romania (2016)
Lecture at the Public Space Biennale, Roma Tre University and UN Habitat, Rome, Italy (2015)
Presentation at the Days of Architecture, Sarajevo, Bosna i Herzegovina (2015)
Presentation at City urgencies, Genua, Italy (2015)
Presentation of contemporary Bulgarian urban phenomena, London, UK (2014)
Lecture at the World in Denmark congress, Copenhagen University, Denmark (2013)
Presentation at Mikser, Belgrade, Serbia (2012)
Lecture at Skopje Architecture Week, Skopje, Macedonia (2011)

List of initiatives or co-initiatives
Laboratory for urban development - organiser of a discussion platform in the field or the urban environment, Bulgaria (2015-present)
Spatial Economic District - exhibition at the Shenzhen Urbanism Biennale (UABB), China (2015-2016)
Architecture criticism - a series of articles in collaboration with the Architecture magazine, Bulgaria (2015-2017)
Sense of a city - a film with Jord den Hollander (2012)
Failed Architecture - a debate platform with Non-Fiction and other partners (2011-2013)
Sofia Architecture Week - curatorship with Hans Ibelings (2011)
Communarchy - a debate and a workshop with Transformatori (2010)
Neighbourhoods on the edge - a debate on the socialist prefab housing estates (2009)

List of large-scale projects
Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia (2013 for Turenscape)
Crabbehof, Dordrecht, The Netherlands (2011 for de+ge architecten)
Olympiakwartier, Almere, The Netherlands (2009 for MVRDV)
Swiss Re, Zurich, Switzerland (2008 for Claus en Kaan Architecten)
Stazione Afragola, Naples, Italy, (2003 for Manzelle Studio di Architettura)



+359 887 930 485

Photo Silvia Georgieva