Africa, 2009

East Africa Hospital (EAH) is a project delivered for a competition for a paediatric hospital meant for a generic location in Eastern Africa. The brief asked for a small-scale building meant to be used in the poor rural areas of Eastern Africa. The proposal consists of two phases, first the clinic and 3 hospitalisation rooms and in the second phase the addition of more rooms. The hospital would be serving a vast area, so people will have the possibility to stay over and spend the night there. Besides the medical facilities it is supposed to educate and give guidance on prevention of various diseases.

The hospital is made out of a ring of pavilions. Each part of the pavilion arrangement could function separately: it could be rebuild, cleansed, closed or even torn down without hindering the functioning of other pavilions or the compound as a whole. The proposed solution uses the very buildings of the hospital as a fence. In such a way an internal court space is created. Its centre is covered by a construction, on top of which solar panels are fixed. Underneath it is placed the water tank. The top of the tank is a multifunctional platform, used for various community functions: education, sleeping, waiting space, etc. The compound expands easily by adding in a fractal fashion more nuclei of pavilions that enclose internal courts.