Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2014

The festival was curated by dontDIY.

In 2014 ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK focused on the interdisciplinary approach towards the urban environment. The main location was Kapana, a dilapidated neighbourhood of Plovdiv. Through a variety of actions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, tours, etc. the festival addressed ideas for a possible future for this particular area of the city.

2014 was the year when ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK started becoming increasingly site-specific, with a particular intention of becoming both useful and challenging to its urban context. This is the year when we started implementing the strategy of choosing for each new edition a new topic, and working at an urban location, which is related to this topic. The topics of choice were to be of importance both to the city of Plovdiv, as to the wider architectural discourse.

In 2014 the festival’s title was The possible impossible.

Photos by Yana Lozeva.