Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012

In collaboration with Jord den Hollander, Rozalya Dimitrova, Boyan Kolev, Grigor Atanasov and Zornitsa Blyangova.

How do you perceive the city you inhabit? What kind of architecture are you surrounded with? We asked these questions to different Sofia citizens. They invited us in their homes and showed us their favourite places in the city. The result is a documentary, which shows the perceptions of twelve of the citizens of a metropolis.
It is commonly acknowledged that the city, its buildings, streets and public spaces are designed by architects and urban planners. They are the creators of the environment, in which we live and work. Does the opinion that these professionals might have in what a good city is coincide with the opinion of the ordinary man though? We decided to talk about architecture with some non-professionals. After all architecture is part of everyone's life.

We asked a banker, a street musician, an investor, a gallery director, an immigrant, a historian, a pop-folk singer, a municipal councilor, a blogger, a diplomat, an old Sofia family member and even a tour guide to tell us what they understand under good architecture.

The result - a film showing twelve different understandings on a what a home is, twelve different favourite city spots, twelve different personal observations, dreams and senses of what a city is.