Yerevan, Armenia, 2010

In collaboration with Giulia Melloni, Laurenz Muller and Simone Pizzagalli

Yerevan is a proposal for the urbanisation of a small hill on the edge of the centre of Armenia's capital Yerevan. The competition program requested the construction of a multi-functional area, containing offices, a large hotel, public amenities, housing and parking. The area was to become a new commercial and business hub in the capital, easily accessed from the city's ring road.

Our project proposes a phased colonisation of the hill, where the beginning is given by the building of the hotel, an office tower, a residential tower and some commercial facilities. Parking was also to be constructed in phases, each of the three main squares in development being the roofs of underground parking buildings. At the same time the project takes into account the terrain's topography. On the steeper sides of the hill we place smaller scale, scattered objects, while the hill plato allows a more rational urban structure to be developed in the form of a grid. This results in the hotel rooms covering the sides of the hill, which face the city centre, while the towers are placed on top of the hill, following the regulating grid.

The project received an honourable mention from the jury.